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Snow Grouse whisky bottle wins ‘Drinks Business Green Award’

Brightgreen works with leading design agency Lewis Moberly to help redesign the new Snow Grouse bottle with a drastic reduction in environmental impact.

The project won ‘Best Supply Chain Innovation’ at the Drinks Business Green Awards.

The original design used an acid etched bottle, similar to premium vodkas, to be served straight from the freezer. Acid etching causes significant environmental impact with hazardous chemical by-products. Waste effluents contain free fluorides and ammonium ions, which require treatment prior to disposal to meet environmental regulations.

The complex supply chain incurred high transportation miles. By transport subsector, road transport is the largest contributor to the Earth’s air quality, acid rain, smog and climate change.

The bottle was redesigned to completely eliminate the acid-etching process and thereby significantly reduce transport miles. Dramatic material cost savings have also been achieved.

A project team comprising the brand, Lewis Moberly, Brightgreen and the client’s preferred suppliers, brainstormed ideas on how to communicate ‘chilled’ without using an acid-etched, frosted bottle.

The bottle now has an embossed pattern effect of ‘ice crystals’ and the graphics use a clear self-adhesive label, instead of silkscreen printed transfers.

The elimination of the acid-etching process and silkscreen print resulted in significant environmental, logistical, productivity and cost benefits.