sustainable design for packaging

sustainable design for packaging


Brightgreen is a design and technical consultancy specialising in sustainable packaging

Sustainable design is based on the complete packaging lifecycle, through responsible use of materials, sourcing, structure, graphics, communication and cost-effective innovation.

Branding is essentially communication. How a pack is designed in aesthetics and form, for optimum usage and responsible disposal is fundamental to successful sustainable design.

Consumers expect brands to deliver sustainable packaging and brands need to provide clear communication to demonstrate responsible production and consumption.

Sustainable Design

The pursuit of sustainable design is to move from a linear to a circular economy

The linear model of ‘extract – manufacture – use – dispose’ is unsustainable to responsibly manage our finite resources. A circular economy model optimises the value of our resources.

The complete packaging lifecycle needs to be fully considered. How can we reduce, re-use, recycle, or use renewables? What can we do differently through key stakeholder collaboration?

Sustainability can be a complex subject. Our focus is providing insights and means by which packaging designers and brands can implement sustainable designs into their workflow.


It all started with a ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign!

Growing up with the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign must have struck a chord in my formative years, when I became averse to the sight of seeing litter dropped in our streets.

Fast forward to my late teens and the environmental concerns had broadened to a global perspective and I became a member of Greenpeace – the only organisation I could find which resonated with my instinctive beliefs to protect our environment through direct action.

A change of direction in my career in 2004 introduced me to the concept of ‘packaging design from a product perspective’ and the lifecycle approach, from raw material to disposal, and how design has a fundamental role in changing our attitude about responsible production and consumption.

Sustainability principles are now widely accepted and inherently understood to be essential to the future prosperity of all business, industry, society and our environment. It has always been the right thing to do and now there’s a name for it! Perhaps it’s time to initiate a new ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign to engage the next generation?

Keep Britain Tidy Symbol

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